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giant wallpainting in the hospital of Saint-Gaudens, little city south of France, in a long corridor (60 meters !) between 2 buildings, spring 2019.

series of small paintings showing experiences and schematic explainations, fall 2018.

the OBC was in Art Central, march 2018
art fair
in Hong Kong !

a painting with strange undefined face, melancholy is back, december 2018.

playing with antiquity visual codes, series
of painting start december 2018.

Homage à Notre Dame des Ombres, tribute to Las Muertas from Mexico, painting 2018.

Some more Carnival picts ! paintings 2018.

the book about the 16 prophets from the exhibition received the 2018 CNAP grant for publication !

series of paintings started spring 2018, what kind of mask are carrying my children?

a small animation about savouring and enjoying present moment, drinking tea, to play on the frog painting. Spring 2017.

what Inari is able to do ? paintings about the famous fox shinto god / goddess from Japan, started fall 2018.

series of paintings with people carrying a flag, start January 2019.

serie of paintings showing interiors,What define the inside, in a picture ? How to show simple space ? 2018.

painting spring 2018.

a little animation 2017.

still fascinated by the representation of emptiness, some more paintings, 2018.

an attempt to represent classical theme Annonciation ! painting 2018.

What could be the representation of halo in the 21 century ?! series of
animated object playing in loop, 2017.

paintings about the famous French thief of the 17th century, 2017.

A giant solo show with paintings, wood sculptures panel and animations in La Chapelle Saint-Jacques, centre d'art contemporain in Saint-Gaudens, south of France, from April to June 2017.

painting 2017.

The OBC had a solo booth in the art fair ARCO Madrid ! march 2017.

The OBC wins the contemporary art price of the city of Nordhorn ! see here some photos
of the exhibition "les Prophètes", shown for the first time in Nordhorn, Germany, from december 2016 to January 2017.

Serie of little objects and monsters animated in small loops, challenging immobility,
stability and contemplation of the moment, started May 2016.

L'hiver enguirlandé par Carnaval (Carnival bothering Winter
) A2 painting, March 2016

Pyrénées à Carnaval
is a serie of 32x 48cm paintings started winter 2016, bluring the line between the mountains as a pattern, and the mountains as a monster.

A2 painting
winter 2016.

Prophètes ou marchand de tapis (prophets
or carpet dealer
s) is a serie of A4 paintings
started fall 2015

serie of 15 3 colors aquatints fall 2015. The OBC has been invitedby Griffeljunst Germany for a 6weeks residency at the print studio of Elle Sturm, Hamburg, to produce etchings.

serie of paintings that you can put together as a long puzzle, summer 2015.

Parade of strange hairy childen made of
wood and wool, may 2015.

serie of A4 paintings of the deamon Narada, from Hinduist tradition, wandering through time and space, winter 2015.

painting portrait of Winter, winter 2015

serie of A4 paintings of meteorology,
Winter 2015

Move on ! group show at Kunsthal KaDE, Amersfoort The Netherlands, february to
Mai 2015

Private commission
invited by Launch Pad,
6 site-specific animations in a private house
London, january 2015.

One wall installation
in the booth of Galerie Anita Beckers, in Toronto Art Fair, 2014

animation, july 2014.

Large painting (70 x 100 cm) made in commemoration of the "poilus" of the first world war, homage to my grand grand father, brancardier who refused to carry weapon and was then brancardier during the war, dead on the battle field in august 1918, 3 months before the end of the war.

Serie of large abstract portraits of dead peopleI know, start july 2014.

Serie of large portraits of dead people
I know, from my family or friends' family,
start july 2014 (here my grandfather).

Solo booth with galerie Anita Beckers,
in Art Brussels, April 2014.

3 Mushrooms going down the street of New Orleans, March 2014.

Serie of abstract paintings on wood
begun February 2014.

Serie of abstract animations projected on
top of old found encaustic cement tile, begun January 2014. (under construction)

Serie of paintings on bark
begun November 2013.

Serie of paintings to queer the idea of family. Is it Christopher Madonna or Madonna Christopher ?! Begun November 2013.

Serie of paintings made in reaction to the horror trip in Google image in you google words such "harmony", emptiness", or "simplicity", begun June 2013.

Interractive animation for ipad or iphone,
with watercolors, about desire, its arising,
its phases, its transformations, etc.
Project begun in july 2013.

The catalogue made after the show
The garden of genders is finally ready
since June 2013 !

serie of A4 paintings, of people with white empty masks, spring 2013.

Serie of paintings about the French expression "peindre sur le motif" (translated
in English with a different French expression to paint "en plein air"), begun February 2013.

Wir sind keine Maschinen aber fast (We
are not machines, but almost
,) an exhibition
in the Pforzheim city Galerie, Germany, from January to Aril 2013, with 20 animations and different projects together mounted on a big wood structure/sculpture.

12 portraits of my love in the fake Kabuki theater form, paintings on wood with frame specially created for the staircase of the Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst, begun January 2013.

Serie of small animations called The wanderer, wandering through time and space, in old paintings, since January 2013.

Projected on top of found old Delft tile an animations with rain and blues of time passing, passing on peole, on things, on art, begun January 2013.

An Advent calendar with 24 muscottes to "open" (like folded socks) made for the museum shop of the Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst, December 2012.

Installation with animation and painting, December 2012.

Don't believe in the authenticity of the subjectivity / don't believe in the subjectivity of the authenticity
is a serie of big paintings on MDF, started November 2012, after the project Garden of genders.

Paintings on wood, since October 2012
of fake aces and fake crosses.

Living inside a 3 months solo show at the Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst called The garden of genders ! We did it ! October 2012 to January 2013.

Italian word for fireflies, a serie of tiny animations showing strange lanterns, projected hidden in a structure of black
teinted MDF, started September 2012.

Installation of wallpaper and animation
for the Fitger-Zimmer, Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst, Germany, May 2012.

An interactive animation under construction. The title in latin means something like
... and in this story, there is another story,
and another story...
begun January 2012.

Paintings around Masha's birth, august 2011.

Poster for the film La Maladie Blanche by Christelle Lheureux released July 2011.

A project including interractive animation
and paintings showing a "landscape" of different objects fucking with each others, in order to enlarge the definition of genders,
begun July 2011.

A long interview of the OBC, in Juxtapoz magazine, May 2011, numero 124.

Also called Les errances de la réincarnation du Démon Narada, this project shows lonely wanderers painted on eucalyptus barks, started March 2011.

Serie of paintings on wood, questioning the limits (the borders) of the paintings, inside or outside the frame, and as well the limits between inside the architecture and outside the architecture, started february 2011.

Trying to make beautiful hand made painting on precious wood with some uselesss internet gossip (but funny) crap, February 2011.

This animation is based on existing logos.
It's a manifest for form and play. Abstraction
is not copyrightable. Abstraction belong to humanity, started january 2011.

the deposition of the young girl part 2 is a show at Haines Gallery, January to April 2011. It consists in all original gouaches and rests of sculptures made to create the wall paper
of the Yerba-Buena project.

For the project the deposition of the young
, wood sculptures series, October 2010.

Parapes of mushrooms going down the
street of San Francisco, October 2010.

Homage to the book Raw Materials for a Theory of the Young Girl by Tiqqun, this installation, the deposition of the young girl, has been shown for the first time at the Yerba Buena Center for the Art, San Francisco, October through December 2010.

Are they fighting, are they making love ?
2 mn animation for the project, the deposition of the young girl, September 2010.

a 3 x 6 meters wallpainting, with slogans and brands from the fifties, in Alltag und ambiente, October and November 2010, Kunstverein Pforzheim, Germany.

Vintage Packaging for Animation is a
series of small animations enclosed in
vintage calculators and clocks from the 70' and the 80'. first shown at Haines Gallery,
San Francisco, November 2009.

A one minute animation created for the full-length movie A mischievous smile lights up her face (Un sourire malicieux éclaire son visage) by Christelle Lheureux, released in May 2009.

To break-up at Baden-Baden is an exhibition at Gandy Gallery, Bratislava, with drawings, paintings and animations, March to May 2009.

Watercolor animation playing with the two words sexy and nerdy, February 2009.

Serie of sculptures made with cut out of vinyl record covers. The majority of the pop song are talking about love, separation, jealousy, betrayal, those sculptures are small sad
music for melancholic lovers, January 2009.

You can see here as well some extracts of psychadelic abstract watercolor animations, Serie begun in June 2008.

Serie of watercolor paintings, with words
and sentences, begun in June 2008.

Can we stop to judge each other every second of our life ?! Prejudices, hasty judgements, comments and insults organize themselves into a gigantic and fidgety dance conduct by the monsters, installation at the Akademie Schloss Solitude, January 2008.

Comissioned work for Tulca (season of
visual arts in Galway) Ireland, November 2007, Project with interractive animation, doodles and drawings on the wall.

Installation with wallpaper and 2 animations about flower as sexual part of the plants. shown first time June 2007, in Art is flowering, Kunstverein Pforzheim.

An online small interractive animation pretending to represent the place (the role ?!) occupied by the artist in our complex society ! Which monster is the artist ? You have to guess. Online since january 2007.

An online interractive animation. Tickle with your mouse, the monster crawling on the
tree, and try to make it fall ! online since january 2007 at

This animation shows the peregrination of
a monster trying to escape from the demon called Mister Desire. December 2006.

Workshop with 15 children of Dovercourt Public School, Toronto, Canada, October 2006, to create a strange dancing and music performance, with interractive animation and sculptures for the dancers on stage.

Book made for the fantastic work of Jackie Sumell and Herman Wallace, July 2006.

Collection of small short animations, like moving doodles, begun June 2006.

Paintings of huge flowers on glass windows, walls, etc. Since February 2006.

A group show exhibition at the akademie schloss Solitude called misunderstanding design, february to April 2006.

Poster for a theater multimedia performance
in Akademie Schloss Solitude, January 2006.

the adventure on Monsieur Mou through a terrible ice cold winter. Installation with posters, slides and animation, January 2006.

Since December 2005, collecting the doodles.

In collaboration with Laercio Redondo, installation with wallpaper and animation, November 2005. Where is the South, Where is the North? where are the roots and the branches ? where is the top, where is the bottom ? is it winter, is it a dead forest ?

Installation with crochet sculptures, vide
and wallpainting. The title in German
means «flower’s choir», October 2005.

website of the restaurant / bar / gallery / lieu
in the center of London, online from 2004 to 2010. Parts still visible online

A music video with animated drawings of Zagor, singing byJulien Loustau and KB, August 2003.

Visual indentity and animations for TokyoTV, the television of the Palais de Tokyo, art institution in Paris, 2002.

First website of the Palais de Tokyo,
Paris, online from 2001 to 2006.