Motif Fleuri

Haines Gallery, October 2009 - february 2010
Kunstverein Pforzheim, June - September 2007

Motif Fleuri a projected image of a small creature climbing its way across the flowers and plants of botanical wallpaper installed on the gallery walls. Bulges grow on him, he blows on them and they transform into seeds that fly to fertilize other corners of the wallpaper. The corollas hide all kinds of strange lovers. The wallpaper is designed by the artist and will be hung floor to ceiling on 19 ½ x 13-foot walls. The seven-minute looped animation is 6 ½ x 8 feet and will be shown on two walls with two projectors in the middle.

brochure (click here to download the pdf)


To see what is only projected on the wall, click on the image.

Drag and press with the mouse to see more of the motif.