Garden of genders

Garden of genders is an attempt to abstract the gender, to blur its outlines, its function, to deconstruct it. Cause yes, genders are cultural constructions. So in this Garden of genders, there is only constructed or manufactured objects, gardening  the 2 pitful sorry genders, to make it plural by overflowing or exceeding the 2. To make it proliferating, spreading all around, blooming, in all kinds of different subversive forms. And yes, there is a problem of scale. So each object, big or small, is painted floating on one A4 black paper, like little precious miniatures. And yes, it’s difficult to even abstract genders. So one can zoom-in till the point it’s not anymore possible to identify the subject. yes, there is a problem of inside/outside (movement) and a problem of container/content (the part visible, the part not visible). So each object is animated, with very simple moves, each object has an hypothetic background and foreground, and each object can be reduced or enlarged individually. Thereby objects can be combined, copulating in a strange way. At the end, the vase in fucking the weighing machine, and is fucked by the ladder, the pylon is fucking the lantern, and is penetrated by the flag, the box is fucked by the car which is fucked by the lighting, etc. Cause, yes, there is a problem of function. So with the slow and repetitive movement of this improbable sexual dance, everything becomes to be strangely erotically dysfunctional. The animation is projected in a corner of the room, the walls generating some more deformations. Some of the miniatures are painted again, this time xxL, on MDF. Don’t indulge: if there is a problem of scale, let’s play with it, till exhaustion, changing the relationship between the viewer and the picture again and again, and again, till the point we lost all certainties.

In the question of gender, there is a large problem of scale: it is completely over estimated, so to say. in the train from Bremen to Delmenhorst, just with a simple moustache drawn on the face, kids were asking « Was bist du ? » [« What are you ? »] and the only way to answer was « Tja, vielleicht ist das keine wichtige Frage ?! » (« Bah, maybe it is not such an important question ?! »). Cause what is it, gender ? Everybody knows that it is much more than a stupid morphologic thing. But, what is it beyond hollow and bump ? This is a subliminal question, indeed. 

In French, « genre » means « gender » and as well « genre ». So if « new genres » are possible in the art field, it also means that «nouveaux genres» are possible in the gender field. Confusion des genres et contradictions, comme la vie qui porte la mort et vice versa, orgie.

This installation has been shown for the first time in Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst, the photos are are from the installation in City Gallery Pforzheim, spring 2013, Germany. Scroll down to see some of the original gouaches paintings.