les prophètes

(the prophets) : solo museum show at the art center called « Chapelle Saint Jacques centre d’art contemporain » from April to June 2017. after the 2015 acts of terror in Paris (Charlie hebdo and Bataclan), I feel the need to produce a work where I could be able to talk about religions, all kind of religions, with tenderness, joy and humor. I insist on the word « tenderness », since I think it is important that artist embrace religious subjects, even without being religious, meaning that belief, mysticism, devotion, should not be only talk by the voice of religious people or so-called civilization journalists. I was for me a deep journey throw many kind of religions, and I read lots of funky books in order to build the show !
I based the exhibition on 16 prophets, some real, some invented or find in legends, most of them are questioning the arrogant authority of the religious institutions with malicious sentences and strange behavior, but also with an incommensurable faith. Belief has always been such a rich theme for art in general, moreover, the show was done in a former church (now an art center), so it was also a way for me to work with this kind of art history.